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“Querologi. En simpel teoretisk systematik for skænderiet som dialogisk type” (2017)

“On Counterfactual Reasoning” (2017)

”The Negativity of Negative Propositions”
Danish Yearbook of Philosophy 47, Museum Tusculanum Press, 2014 (2012), pp. 87-110.

“The Existence and Reality of Negative Facts”
SATS¸ Walter de Gruyter, 2014. 26 pages

“Kinesis and Energeia – and What Follows”
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“Slaget i luften”(Expanded version in Danish)
Working Paper, 2000, 89-00, Centre for Cultural Resarch, University of Aarhus, 35 pages.

Apparitionens Logik / The Logic of Apparition
Copenhagen, 2001. ISBN 87-90491-48-3. 134 pages.

“At have en gæst med i en taxa. En øvelse i praxeologisk antropologi” 
[’To bring a guest with you in a taxi. An exercise in Praxeological Anthropology’]
Norsk Filosofisk Tidsskrift [Norwegian Journal of Philosophy], 1999, 34-99, pp. 195-221.

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“Begrebet stil” (1995/2018)

Indføring i politisk økonomi
Aalborg Universitet, 1976.

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Norsk Filosofisk Tidsskrift [Norwegian Journal of Philosophy], 1973. Edited 2017, pp. 1-20.


Musical Theory

”Den størknede dialektik 2” [’The Hardened Dialectics 2’], 18 pages. In press.

”Den størknede dialektik” [’The Hardened Dialectics’],
In: Christensen, M. (ed.), At skabe interesse. Festskrift for Orla Vinther.
Vestjysk Musikkonservatorium, Esbjerg 2008, pp. 59-72.

”Lytning og Begreb”[’Listening and Conception’]
PUFF 3-07, Vestjysk Musikkonservatorium, Esbjerg 2007

“De jordiske Toner. Foredrag om Gustav Mahlers musik“
[’The Earthly Tones. Lectures on Gustav Mahler’s Music’]
Working Papers, Centre for Cultural Research, University of Aarhus, 2002, 107-02, 37 pages.

“Tekst og musik i Schumann’s lied ‘In der Fremde’
[’Text and Music in  Schumann’s Lied ‘In der Fremde’’]
Working Papers, Centre for Cultural Research, University of Aarhus, 2001, 95-01, 12 pages.

“Metrical Energy – Outline of a Theory”, 2001. 28 pages. In press.

“Begyndelsen på Skabelsen” [‘The Beginning the of The Creation’].
Working Papers, Centre for Cultural Research,  University of Aarhus, 1998, 61-98, 39 pages.

“Formal Structures in Palestrina’s Vocal Music”.
International Journal of Musicology, 1996, 6-97, pp. 51-101.

“Karolines Kulokk” [‘Caroline calling the cow’]
Philosophia, University of Aarhus, Denmark, 1992, 20-92, pp. 129-152.


In Progress:

The Structures of Musical Temporality (Synopsis)
Book manuscript in preparation.

Musical Forms of Engagement
Book manuscript in preparation.



Right Playing – Wrong Playing?
Exercises in Aural Perception, Score Reading and Stylistic Appreciation.
WH31044 / ISBN 978-87-598-1901-2

“Musikkonservatoriernes forskningsstrategi”
Dansk Musiktidsskrift, 2007, 07-03, pp. 92-93.